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Social media
Social Media Marketing is a variety of online media types where everybody can talk, join, share and connect…The common thing of Social Media Marketing is that all types have discussion, feedback, comment and vote system. By Social Media Marketing, we have many ways to communicate to each other at the same time.

Types of Social Media Marketing:
- Social news: Digg, Sphinn, Newsvine: read news, vote or comment.
- Social Sharing: Flicker, Snap fish, YouTube: share videos or photos.
- Social Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter: connect and share.
- Social Bookmarking: Delicious, Faves, StumbleUpon, Blog Marks and Diigo: share or bookmark interested pages.

Social Media Marketing in Viet Nam:

- Few years ago, Social Media Marketing concept of several enterprises is limited. Some enterprises even ignore social media which is an extremely good channel for marketing.

- These days, when social media such as Facebook, Google+ have developed well plus newspapers and social communication give a cheerful reception to them, many enterprises get panic and start to spend much money focusing on Social Media Marketing.

According to the statistic of Google Ad planner, in Viet Nam, there are 7, 4 millions people using Zing Me, 4, 2 millions people using Facebook and finally 2, 4 millions people using Yume. With that big amount, Social Media is really effective marketing channel for enterprises.

However, many enterprises have one big mistake that is not confirming which target group using Social Media. They are only concerned about the amount of users, that’s why their marketing can not reach their target clients. From the step of evaluation and marketing preparation, there are several basic mistakes; as a result, all the marketing campaigns become meaningless.

Some mistakes of Vietnamese Enterprises:

Wrong deployment:

Many enterprises have a target client group which is not suitable to Social Media but consider Social Media as the key marketing method. The main reason comes from the lack of experience and Markting Online knowledge.

Several enterprises once have the business type which is suitable to Social Media Marketing, they make another mistake in depoyment steps. As they start to do marketing, they put all money and power with high expectation. However, until the end, as the result is almost zero, they at once assess that Social Media is a meaningless and wasteful channel.

Being lazy to do research:

The general situation of some enterprises when depoying marketing is that they are rather lazy to think of content, lazy to create new things, and lazy to research. All these kinds of being lazy make them do marketing by “spam”. Manners of “spam’ are multi-form, various and plentiful, for example, spam by comments, spma by wall post or spam by tags, etc…General speaking, all make Social Media users feel uncomfortable. Some even consider it as a “terrible vice”.

Are you ready to buy a product of company that fanpage of that company always tag you spamly on Facebook? Peharps some enterprises only know how to make their products or services popular but have no diea about the long-term result of long-term “spam”. That’s making users having an enmity towards to their own enterprises. As a result, the value of those brands will be declined critically and gradually become “cheap”. This spam action is as same as rash advertisements putting on the streets’ walls.

Bad-qualified contents:

Some other enterprises have researched sparely about Social Media Marketing, they pay more attention on content or making event or contest on Social Media. In fact, they do too much sparely (or don’t know how to make suitable content). It leads to the fact that they create the community but can not make the community focus on their products. Making content for Social Media programs require the talent and skills of manager.

In such a place for sharing information and entertainment like Social Media, that enterprises clarioning themselves does nor work well. On the contrary, if you focus on attractive content but forget introduction about your own products, you make create the more entertaining community than doing marketing. Therefore, there are many cases that enteprises doing content get a little traffic; or they do marketing much which does not attract community, or the community evaluate that enterprises do “non-sense” social media.


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