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Website localization
Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to local language and culture in the target market. Two factors are involved: programming expertise and linguistic/cultural knowledge.

The prosperity of website localization is the result of the popularity of computer and Internet users. People all over the world treat the Internet as their main location for information and services although these people do not speak the same language.

Some advantages that website localization may bring if it was planned and processed well enough:
- Overcome language barriers and approach to clients more easily.
- Build up the trust of clients by the image of a company which is not only global but also understand well the local market.
- Get more business chances and increase the income.
Therefore, website localization has become one of the primary tools for business global expansion.

In Vietnam:

In the digital age, information is described under different forms like sound, text, number, images, etc. Text content is consider the most important part. Especially in the time of globalization, the diversity of information researcher ask the content to be suitable to each type of community. Suitable and friendly language usage in the website is priority to other factors. It affects on user’s dicisions if they feel like not understanding the content or do not know what to do next, they will consider wether to look for more information on the site or not. Localization websites solve the problems by adjusting the content, make it suitable to users at each typical area. However, it is not all websites contain every existing language, they only support the main language of target markets of the website.

In Vietnam, building a website supporting different languages has become urgent demand as it effects on the business rerults clearly: get attention from customers, leads them to believe in the site, professionalize the site, helo search engine to define the site easier, attracting more visitors from both local and international.

To build a localized website, programmer can use both ways: coding on themselves using computing language such as: PHP, .NET, JAVA, etc. with database management systems like My SQL, SQL server; or they can use open sources such as drupal, joomla, etc.- free provided sources which are intergrated multilingual functions that make programming much faster and inexpensive.


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