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 Website analytics trend in Vietnam

Web Analytics is a tool of tracking, gathering, measuring, analyzing, making a report and processing all the website data in order to optimize the whole website and its marketing initiatives. This method does not only show us how to do research on businesses and market, but also helps to make an appraisal and to improve the performance effectiveness of a website, especially to assist the businesses in surveying the campaigns related to newsprint and broadcast advertisement. With the help of this analytic application, we will get to have a specific view of the web traffic as well as its popularity trends through being provided with useful information about the number of visitors along with the quantity of the page views. Web analytics is also considered as a study of the psychology of a website since it can help you to reach the ultimate goal relevant to determining which sides of your website operate the most efficiently to make it easy for you to gain business objectives. In other words, the analytic experts do not only interpret but also reason the data to offer the most potential strategies for your website development.
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